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I am going to put forth the necessary time & effort needed to help manage and improve The Latino Chamber (LCC). My commitment to the LCC is the following:

To assist in managing, planning, identifying and recommending areas of improvement for LCC. I will be an active member of this Board, attend meetings and be a part of at least one committee. I will provide the highest level of service and be responsive to the Boards and LCC needs while valuing everyone's time.

I will expect in return that the other Directors be committed the LCC and give it the time & effort it demands.

Peter Salas | Chairman:

Peter lives in Lafayette and has been a Boulder County resident since 1985. Peter is the father of 3 including 2 teenagers who currently attend schools in Lafayette. Peter has as a B.S. degree in Business Finance.

Peter began his public career as a community organizer and has been actively involved in community affairs his entire career. Peter has served on over a dozen non-profit boards as well as, having served on a city council and school board. Peter was a founding member of the Boulder County Latino Chamber and has served on the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and the former Minority Business Leadership Council. Peter has also been actively involved in local politics and has helped organize 3 different Latino focused political organizations. 

During Peter’s professional work career, he has been a community organizer, a project coordinator, diversity coordinator, diversity liaison, intercultural trainer, program manager and public affairs specialist. Peter currently offers consulting services in the area of Intercultural Development and Training.

Peter has a thoughtful and collaborative style, along with deep programmatic and policy expertise in several areas, which has made him an effective champion for advancing equity, and urban development strategies to expand economic opportunity.

Rachel Garcia | Vice Chair:

Rachel has worked from small and international business to the nonprofit and government sectors, specializing in program development, project management, and community outreach. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, from small to mid-sized companies, start and grow their businesses across several industries, including Latino and woman-owned, manufacturing, natural and outdoor products, aerospace, restaurants, bio-science, retail, clean tech, and IT. As a board member of the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Boulder County, she continues to foster economic development by advocating for Latino entrepreneurs.

Rachel first joined the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Boulder County in January 2013 as board Secretary. She currently serves as board Vice Chair and sits on the organization’s executive and programming committees. She is the program manager for the Boulder Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Rachel is a Colorado native and earned her Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Women's Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. She is passionate about social justice and bringing communities together. Outside of the office, you will find her on a trail in the Rockies, enjoying time with friends and family, and loving life.

Susana Salamun | Treasurer

Susana Salamun is the Latino Services Officer for Alpine Bank.  She acts as the strategic and administrative leader of Alpine Bank's ongoing efforts to serve the Hispanic and Latino populations throughout Colorado.  She also serves as board member of the Aspen Community Foundation, the Latino Chamber of Commerce of the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys, the Latino Chamber of Commerce in Boulder, and the State of Colorado Minority Business Advisory Council.   

 Susana pursues challenging opportunities that help her grow personally and professionally.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing piano.  Susana believes in leading by example and being a positive influence. 

Her passion is people, caring for others and playing an active role her community.

Berenice Garcia Tellez | Secretary:

Berenice Garcia Tellez, a Mexican native and travel enthusiast, received her master’s degree in Environmental Engineering in Saudi Arabia. Other countries she has lived in include Turkey, Italy, and Norway, where she worked researching climate change. Berenice currently manages the Sustainable Business Program at the City of Longmont and supports the growth and understanding of sustainability through building connections to inform and educate members of her community. She’s excited to be working with the Latino Chamber on implementing sustainable business practices and outreaching one-on-one with the Latino Business Community, which she sees it as an asset for the future of this country.

Some of Berenice’s favorite figures are Elon Musk and Batman. Though the two have very different origin stories, they both rose to make a great impact in their respective communities. While Batman may be fictional, both he and Elon Musk inspire Berenice to one-day do something that influences the world.

Francis Schneeweiss | Board Member

Francis immigrated to the United States from Mexico City when she was 16 years old. It took a lot of hard work to learn academic English and eventually she graduated with two M.A. degrees from the University of Texas and from the University of Colorado. In Texas she became a school teacher of Spanish.

Francis has been in Colorado since 2005 where she continued her profession as an educator. Recently, she is an instructor at Front Range and an adjunct professor at UNC. Now that her sons have graduated from high school, Francis has started a catering and food truck business. She loves planning events, cooking and serving Mexican food and Jewish dishes that come from her heritage. Francis also loves spending time with her partner, her sons and going to visit her family in Mexico City.

She enjoys living in Colorado because she can be active surrounded by nature.

Esteban Martinez | Board Member

Esteban A. Martinez, a practicing lawyer with pre-Columbus North and South American roots, has practiced law for more than 20 years and became a board member in June, 2020.

By serving on the board, he hopes to learn and to help others achieve success in their businesses.

Other Board Members

  • Alejandro Arredondo
  • Ron Brambila
  • Cassie Wood
  • Edith Garcia
  • Jonathan Galindo

 Ricardo Cabrera | Operations Manager:

Ricardo Cabrera is a business professional and a real estate agent. He loves to help this community with all wealth building matters, from assisting people make their largest purchase, disposing of their most important asset or coaching them on business and personal financial matters, he does this by rendering the highest level of service possible. 

Ricardo believes in working hard, living on less than what you make, and investing the difference with the ultimate goal reaching wealth.. and I love what I do!

Ricardo has a extensive work experience including international business development/management, food distribution, and a business owner. More recently he has become a business/wealth coach and a real estate agent. He is also sits on the board of directors/treasurer of The Latino Chamber of Commerce of Boulder County, and is a high school golf coach.

Ricardo has been trained in different customer service and sales techniques and more recently as a Cultural Broker. Ricardo holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Global business, is a licenced real estate agent in the state of Colorado as well as being a  NAHREP 10 certified trainer. He lives in Lafayette, Colorado with his wife Gabriela.

Ricardo loves spending time outside (Hiking, camping, golfing, skiing, mountain biking), with friends and family.

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